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4 Ideas for Upgrading Living Room Storage

4 Ideas for Upgrading Living Room Storage

Dec 01 , 2022
The living room is hard to straighten out. They are usually busy family rooms where the kids play, the dog sleeps and the adults enjoy a cup of tea. But at night, you probably want to feel comfortable and calm, and maybe entertain friends, so you need to put away all your toys and clutter as easily as possible.

Living room storage is key to making this happen. With proper planning, you'll find tons of extra room to hide things.

Here are our best living room storage ideas to give you some inspiration

Install cabinets
Custom cabinets always look great in a living room. Whether you choose floor-to-ceiling cabinets, lower cabinets with shelves above them, or full-wall cabinets, there are plenty of options.

Living room storage also has to contend with TV cables, WiFi boxes, and other bulky tech gadgets. A cabinet under the TV can hide it all away.

If you want custom cabinetry, our designers can visit your home to help you plan the look, decide exactly what you need, and develop a visual plan to help you imagine how it will look.

Our range of Shaker styles, such as Hatton and Harpsden, are perfect for traditional styles, with paneled doors and painted wood finishes. Elkin and Linje, meanwhile, are both modern, with clean lines and simple shapes. A gloss finish helps brighten a darker room, while a matte finish that matches your walls can help your cabinets blend seamlessly.

Combine storage and seating
Another option is to invest in some living room storage units that serve a dual purpose. An enclosed bench under the window can give you a window seat and space to hide toys and board games within. A large coffee table with combination storage could be the perfect place to store books or extra cushions.

Use shelf
Shelving is a great way to increase the available storage space in your living room while adding some stylish flair. Books are an obvious addition to any bookshelf, and if you color code the spines into groups, they can be used to add a pop of color to your room.

Family photos, artwork, and lamps also look great when displayed on shelves because they add interest and personality. Smaller things like TV remotes and cables are also often found in living rooms. Storage boxes are a great way to hide those things, and lining up some matching boxes on the top Light Brown 4 shelf wooden home bookshelf will look super stylish.

Use storage furniture as a surface
If you don't have shelf space, you can use furniture or those living room white wood wardrobe closet to display some of your photos. Metal locker-style cabinets can add a modern touch and work well with top plants and coffee table books.

The mid-century modern wooden unit is also a classic addition to the living room – streamlined, functional and recognizably simple, no one will know it’s stuffed with toys. You'll also give off some cool vibes when you display your record player on top.

Leverage Wooden Home Furniture Factory Amoyfurniture Storage Expertise
For help finding clever storage solutions for your living room, book a design visit with one of our experts.

They can help you make all the right decisions and create a storage system that fits your home and lifestyle.

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