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How to Create a Retro Style Bedroom

How to Create a Retro Style Bedroom

Apr 07 , 2022
The bedroom is the most important room in the house. It's your haven to unwind after a busy day, so it needs to look and feel good. Whether it's shabby chic or effortlessly vintage, vintage decor does it all.

It celebrates the best of the past and prides itself on unique, high-quality pieces that are easy to achieve and surprisingly cheap to make. We outline the key elements to consider for anyone looking to capitalize on vintage ideas in their bedroom.

Ensure style
When creating a coordinated and cohesive bedroom space, it's best to have an overall theme that ties everything together. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you may want to consider one of the following suggested topics:

French Vintage: Soft and rustic French furniture including large chandeliers and swag pelmet curtains, painted floors and soft pastel tones on the walls.
Rustic retro: Think pastel blues and pinks, lots of flowers, weathered floors and rustic accessories.
Scandinavian retro style: stylized repeating floral wallpaper, white floors and vintage rattan beds.
American Farmhouse Retro: More floral, this time with folk art, patchwork textiles and a classic plaid quilt.
Mid-Century: Use teak furniture in combination with bright colors.

Find quality furniture
Secondhand stores are a goldmine of quality, eye-catching vintage furniture that can completely change the feel of a room. If you're wondering how to get started with a retro-inspired bedroom, heavy wooden sideboards and wrought iron bed frames are two classic options.

A dresser will add some glamour to your routine (and doubles as a desk), and the fitted Wardrobe Closet not only provides extra storage (which is always welcome) but also helps keep your boudoir looking classy and trendy.

Packed with unique extras and accessories
In addition to your basic furniture, other ideas for vintage bedroom items include lounge chairs, chandeliers, floor clocks, and mannequins for jewelry and scarves.

Gorgeous mirrors (bigger is better) and mix-and-match china evoke a typical antique look and are perfect for any retro-themed space, while a wooden stool is an easy addition that doubles as a plant stand. Tea trays are another great throwback investment for those weekend mornings relaxing in bed.

Consider Upcycling
Repurpose your existing furniture or other items you own to give them new life. Whether it's new handles, fresh paint, or wallpapered decoupage, upcycling is super easy.

Even the simplest things can work, like stacking boxes to make a side table, or attaching a wooden ladder to a wall to make a shelf.

Do some art
Scattering your artwork so it's not in a uniform row adds so much character to a room. Landscape drawings and sketches are long-standing classics when it comes to choosing prints, and there are many digital downloads available online that are easy and inexpensive to access. Whether it's a map, soft florals or other artwork, choose prints that complement your furniture and frames that complement your wallpaper.

You can also fill a wall with vintage photos, kitsch prints and ornate frames and mirrors for another feel.

Choose pastel colors and loud patterns
Beige, icy blue, and dusty pink are classic choices for a retro-inspired bedroom. Patterns on floral cushions and crocheted blankets are also a great way to add a simple yet soft romantic touch. Also, don't worry if the patterns clash - it just adds to the eclectic retro feel.

Dress up a table
Add a touch of retro glamour with a dressing table, part of Amoyfurniture's matching living room furniture collection. Let it shine in your sleeping space and neatly place jewelry, perfume and other knickknacks on it.

Prepare the bed
Thick pile blankets and lace-trimmed pillowcases will help create a traditional aesthetic. Choose from soft pastel colours or retro-inspired prints for cushions, quilts and sheets. Opting for delicate florals and an understated design will help keep the theme relaxed.

Rock rug
A patterned rug brings a colorful casual vibe to your aesthetic. There are plenty of second-hand items on shopping sites like Etsy and eBay, and they give it an instant timeless feel.

Let China wooden furniture manufacturer Amoyfurniture help you bring retro bedroom ideas to life
If retro-inspired bedrooms are ringing your street, Amoyfurniture can show you how to create one with a simple, stress-free design visit.

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