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How to Organize Your Teen's Bedroom

How to Organize Your Teen's Bedroom

Jun 16 , 2022
Teens need their own space, both private and secluded, but they also need a room to share with friends (and sometimes even their parents). Their bedroom will most likely have to do both, so how do you declutter their mysterious pile of "stuff" to create an organized space they're proud of? Here's our advice on how to organize your teen's bedroom.
What you can keep, donate or throw away
First, you need to check everything in the room and decide which items you want to keep and which ones you want to see the back of. This is obviously your child's job, so ask them to organize their belongings into three piles - things they want to keep, things they've grown up but still of good quality (these can go to charity shops), and Trash dumps shipped to local recycling centers.

Encourage them to be callous, but also prepare some surprisingly sentimental for their childhood toys. By doing it together, you can quickly and easily organize everything so your child can nap back in.
Think about your storage space
We all know teens are messy magnets, so it's best to give them a clean place (or at least invisible). By adding more storage, you can help them keep their bedroom clutter-free and give them a space to hide items from prying eyes.

Amoyfurniture wardrobe armoire with drawers are custom and designed to your needs, so they will fill any niche, eave space or wall you may have. Plus, they come in a variety of designs and finishes, so even the most discerning teens can find something they love. You can opt for the dark Pure Black Wooden Wardrobe for a gothic feel, or the white wood wardrobe closet for the bohemian luxe look found all over Pinterest.
Keep their closets clean
Most teenage bedrooms become dumping grounds for clothes. Sad, crumpled pile on the floor, socks under the bed - sometimes it's just too much effort to put things away. To help keep a teen's bedroom tidy, it's important to make life easy for them.

Having a laundry basket in their room is a good tip. The same goes for shoe racks -- if they had obvious places to put their sneakers, boots, and heels, they probably wouldn't be left in the middle of the room anymore.

An easy way to organize your bedroom is to bring along some labeled boxes that can be stacked and kept out of sight in your closet. You can have one for accessories and one for homework, and you always need a miscellaneous one (for all the odds and ends left).
Consider "partitioning"
Creating specific work and relaxation areas for teens can be very beneficial. It's probably easiest to divide into two separate areas - one for work and one for relaxation. The workspace will have a desk or desk, textbooks (organized into boxes of course), and maybe some shelves for other books or trinkets. You can separate it with rugs or different paint colors. An area with posters and photos of friends is another way to subtly divide a room.

The relaxation area is space for a bed, a bean bag if you have room, and some comfy blankets or blankets in case they want to hide for a while. You can even try adding a houseplant here, such as a peace lily, which is great for cleaning the air around you.
Unleash space creativity
If your child has a jewelry bedroom, that doesn't mean it has to be a mess. In fact, it's all the more reason to keep it as neat and organized as possible. You just have to be creative. Consider adding hooks to the back of the door or to the wall and hang the basket on it. These are the perfect place to store sports accessories (like shin pads or balls) or tech, so all the many cables can be hidden from view.

Another great way to maximize space is to invest in an Ottoman-style bed with acres of storage beneath it. To avoid it becoming a dreaded dump, use storage bins to divide up the space.
Create a tidy space with Amoyfurniture
For more ideas on how to organize your bedroom and maximise your space with the right storage, browse our website and book a design visit to speak with one of our experts.

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